Give me an Individual plate over a buffet spread any day! Along with Covid, people are becoming increasingly aware of the spread of germs which makes individual plates the perfect solution. I am trying to think ahead this year in planning my small Thanksgiving menu and this Mini Charcuterie Board Appetizer Recipe is the perfect addition to any holiday meal or date night!

Mini Charcuterie Plate

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How adorable are these tiny cheese plates!? I have a small addiction to mini everything, so when I found this set of tiny plates I knew they would be a great addition to my marble dishes. These plates were found at Tj Maxx but I found some similar options here.

I am happy to say that I tested these little cheese boards on myself and my husband and they were the perfect size! Because the cheese plates will be individual rather than a large charcuterie board, you can even personalize each plate with the cheeses and meats you know each person prefers. I personally LOVE Boursin but my husband hates it, so I left it off of his and opted to add more Genoa to his.

I used a variety of complimentary cheeses and meats along with a sprig of rosemary for decor. You can also try adding a wine pairing to serve along side them to round out the first course!

Tell me what you think of this Mini Charcuterie Board Appetizer Recipe in the comments below. It may take a little more prep but it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser!

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