Make Mini Valentines Day Themed Donuts with a Mini Donut Maker + Review

If you haven’t jumped on the mini maker band wagon then I am here to tell you to GET ON BOARD! I am the proud owner of several mini treat making machines and as a lover of small batch baking they are the perfect size for a small family. They have allowed me to make treats in small sizes and given me the opportunity to try so many more recipes than I would have if I had to make larger batches.

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The Mini Maker I am writing about today is the Bella Mini Donut Maker. If you have been thinking about whether or not you should buy one of these cute little treat makers then I hope this will help make your decision a lot easier.

The donuts I made came from the basic donut recipe that was included with the mini donut maker. However, I decided to cut it down by half since the original recipe made 24 mini donuts. The end result was a fluffy and sweet donut that my husband and I couldn’t help but gobble down while still warm.


The setup is extremely easy with these treat makers. Just plug it in and allow it to warm up. When it is ready to go the light on top will turn off indicating that the cooking surface is warmed up.

Cook Time:

My number one tip with these machines is to not overfill the crevices! This will cause them to overflow out of the donut form leaving you with a mess to clean up. Fill the lower half of the crevice just below the edge and it will rise perfectly into the top half when closed.

These donuts cooked so fast and allowed me to continuously fill and remove the finished donuts. The directions said to leave them in for 3 minutes but mine cooked extremely fast at about 2 minutes.

Ease of Use:

The most difficult part about using this machine was just juggling the piping bag of batter I had made in order to easily pipe in the donuts while waiting for a batch to cook.

So my tip here would be to use a squeeze bottle so you can just stand it up right while you wait. Otherwise, the cook time was fast and its a pretty full proof machine.


Cleaning is a bit more difficult being that this machine doesn’t have a removable plate like some other mini makers.

However, the non-stick surface allows for easy removal of and cooked on batter. Just take soapy wet sponge and it will clean right up!

The decorating was particular easy once all the donuts were cooked. All I needed was a mini station with some frosting and sprinkles. It made cleanup such a breeze with just a few mini bowls to clean.

So much less mess than baking with a pan!

Overall Impression + Tips:

I honestly love this mini maker so much! It is so much fun to make fun seasonal and fresh customized holiday donuts.

If you have a larger family I would recommend getting one of the slightly bigger mini donut makers so that you can make a few more at a time and not spend quite as much time filling and then waiting for them to cook.

Use a squeeze bottle to fill the donut crevices for easier filling and cleanup. While my piping bag made beautiful rings, it got messy to lay it down while waiting for my donuts to cook.

Get a Mini Donut Maker for Yourself:

If you have been thinking of getting a mini treat maker I have listed some highly rated options below. If you want to try the Bella Mini Donut Maker I used click here.

The Babycakes Mini Donut maker is a similar option to the Bella Mini Donut Maker. It is capable of making 4 mini donuts at a time and is equipped with a non-stick surface as well.

The Babycakes Multi-Treat Maker is the ultimate all-in-one mini treat maker. It is equipped with removable plates for easy cleaning and inserts for mini donuts, cupcakes and cake pops!

Need some mini donut maker recipe ideas? Try this Mini Donuts Cookbook to guide you in trying new recipes or to round out a sweet gift for someone special!

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