You hear about self-care all the time… what it is, why it’s important and how to make time for it.  We can get so busy with work and taking care of others that it is easy to forget we are our own person and we need to take time to enjoy the things we love, relax and rejuvenate or even discover a new hobby.  Below I have compiled a list of my favorite self-care practices. I hope you are able to discover a new self-care idea you haven’t tried before or something you can add to your current routine. So, how do you practice self-care?

Self-care is tough. Especially when you have kids or a family you are taking care of! It can be difficult to find time to discover more about yourself, relax for 20 minutes or increase your self-awareness. My hope is that you find something here you want to try yourself or it just reminds you to take the time to stop worrying about others and worrying a little more about yourself.

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Better Sleep

Acupressure Mat:

I like to think I have tried every self-care/personal health product out there that claims to help with sleep or anxiety. Rarely have I said one of these types of products work as well as they claim until I discovered the acupressure mat. A few year back, I began experiencing insomnia and anxiety. In my quest to find natural sleep aids I came across the Zensufu Acupressure mat and have not stopped using it since. It will seem a bit uncomfortable to lay on at first but I promise that if you keep using it you start to look forward to the sensation it gives you. It has helped relax me so much that I no longer have to use medication to help me sleep.

Other users have experience back pain relief, better sleep and more energy. Take a look at the reviews and you will see people raving over this product especially if you experience muscle pain. 

Infrared Sauna:

I started going to an infrared sauna at a local spa and loved the feeling of rejuvenation I got after each visit. So much so that I decided to buy my own portable infrared sauna to use anytime I wanted. It was a lot more cost effective and gave the same energy boosting feeling I was used to experiencing. I would recommend trying it out at a local spa first since it is a bit of an investment but if you end up loving the benefits you can always get this portable sauna that folds away when not in use.

Also, from my experience, I do recommend an infrared sauna over a steam sauna. It is more of a dry heat and is said to penetrate deeper for better circulation.

White Noise:

Aside from my acupressure mat, I will not sleep without my fan or noise machine that simulates a fan. It was originally purchased so that I had something I could travel with easily (carrying around a fan just didn’t make much sense). I have even traveled outside of the country with it without issues. It has white noise or fan sounds you can choose from and even has one that sounds exactly like my real fan which was needed!


Meditation for Beginners:

Meditation has helped me to manage my stress and anxiety as well as help me to better respond in stressful situations. I began with the book “Best meditations on the planet” since I really wasn’t educated on techniques or how to meditate at all. I now use practices from this book as well as guided meditations for free on youtube. I never really understood paying for the meditation apps when there are so many free and amazing meditations online.


I jumped on the diffuser bandwagon awhile back. I still love my candles and will probably never let them go but my diffuser is great for a meditation session. It adds to the experience and helps to calm your mind while you are focusing on your specific meditation. Just please be careful if you have pets regarding what oils you are using. 

Comfortable Area:

Lastly, for meditation, I make sure I have a clean and comfortable space where I won’t be disturbed. Even if you are only doing a short 10 minute meditation, if you are uncomfortable you will think about it the entire time! Find a cozy, quiet place where you can focus and relax.

I prefer to lay down so I have created a space where I can close the door, lay down and comfortably begin my meditation.


When you are creating your space don’t forget about creating a proper atmosphere. One way of doing this is by adding some lighting elements (lamps or candles).  I personally switch between a himalayan salt lamp  a set of string lights and whatever candles I have at the moment.

Spiritual Self-Care


Everyone has heard of massages to help you feel rejuvenated and renewed but do you actively try new types of massages. Trying Reiki massage, reflexology massage or a trigger point massage can help you to become closer to yourself while discovering other therapies that may work best for you. Next time you are looking for something you can do to relax, give a new massage a try. You may surprise yourself.


Journaling works for so many people but I always felt stumped when I didn’t have any prompts and would soon lose interest. Then I discovered guided journals like 5 second journal and Zen as F*ck  They helped get me started in journaling with quick activities and prompts. You can also try Becoming by Michelle Obama or you can download my free 30 days of journal prompts here.

Personal Growth

Habit Tracking:

How many times have you told yourself you would get better about taking your vitamins, drink more tea vs. soda or go for a 20 minute walk everyday? You may have heard it takes 2-3 weeks to form a new habit but in reality it can take QUITE a long time to actually form a habit depending on the person. Keeping a habit tracker is one way you can ensure you are sticking with a new habit until you start to do it automatically.  If you like to bullet journal there are a ton of habit tracker page ideas on pinterest or you can also download my free habit tracker here.

Coffee Run:

Something as simple as treating yourself to your favorite drink or snack can be so relaxing! Even if it’s just a reason to get you out of the office or house. Take your time, slow down and have a few moments to yourself in the day to breathe and actually enjoy every last drop of coffee. 

You will be amazed at how rejuvenated you can feel afterwards. 

Solo Date Day:

I swore I was going to be that person who never went to a restaurant or movie alone but when I finally did it I was hit by how peaceful it actually was. I thought my anxiety would take over but instead I cared less about what was going on around me, that week I ended up seeing 3 movies alone and if I didn’t have to be out of the house that day, I may have never known. Take yourself out on a date and enjoy a movie, some shopping and lunch. Having alone time with your thoughts can be quite relaxing and therapeutic. If you have anxiety you can try a movie first. Once the lights go down you will be so wrapped up in the movie you will barely notice. 

Sleep in:

Self-care doesn’t have to be all involved either. It can be as simple as sleeping in or staying in bed a little longer. Being a little lazy isn’t a bad thing and can help to start your day off a bit better. So sleep in once in awhile, take a few moments to think about what your goals are for the day or just try to take your morning slower than usual. We can easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life but slowing down and smelling the roses is just as important to self-care as massages and bubble baths.

No matter how you practice self-care make sure you are making time for you. Tell me about your favorite ways to practice self-care in the comments below!