Display your Halloween candy in these Cricut Decorated candy vases. Free Cricut Project below.

While I love to decorate for fall, halloween is one of my favorite holidays but I have never really gone all out on decoration. Now that I have bought a house I really need to up my halloween decorating game this year! Our neighbors put out some amazing decorations! I’m talking a giant pirate ship with bone crew and lights that would rival any Christmas display.

To start I made these stylish candy holders with my Cricut Machine. There is a project very similar to it from which I got my inspiration. Just search “Halloween Candy Containers” in Cricut Design Space if you are interested in seeing that as well.

Halloween Candy Display

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The Glass Vases:

I originally purchased a set of glass vases from Michaels when I was creating some home decor and decided to recycle them for this project. You can also find them here in a set of 3  I gave them a good cleaning so that the vinyl would adhere properly and went on to cut out my vinyl.

The Vinyl Halloween Faces:

As I said before, a very similar project is on Cricut Design Space but I wanted my halloween faces to be a bit different so I created some out of images and shapes in Cricut Design Space. Click the button below to be taken straight to the Cricut Project. Fit the design to the container you are using, cut it out with your Cricut and apply your vinyl.

The Candy:

I tried to coordinate the color of candy with the faces I made so I choose orange candy to fill my pumpkin face vase, white candy for my Jack Skellington esque face and purple for the X eyes face.



I absolutely love the way these turned out and would especially make a great display for the office.