Download your Free Halloween Themed Printables!

I am on a mission to make the most of this Halloween regardless of Covid or any other hurdles we will have to overcome in this crazy 2020. To go along with my Halloween Bingo, I wanted to make more printables that would complete anyones halloween themed game night.

Download my free Halloween Themed Guessing Game Printable and Scavenger Hunt to play with the the whole family.

This guessing game goes perfectly with my DIY halloween candy jar or any clear candy jar you have already.  The scavenger hunt makes for a perfect walk around the neighborhood in the cool fall weather.

What you get:

With the Guessing Game Download you will 1 Candy Guessing Game with 1 sheet of guessing cards. 

With the Scavenger Hunt Download you will get 1 Scavenger Hunt Checklist Printable. 

How to Play:

Guessing Game:

Cut out the Halloween Themed Guessing Game cards and give one card to each player. 

Fill up a clear candy jar with your favorite halloween candy. The smaller candy the harder the game!

Have each player guess how many candies they believe are in the jar. Closest player wins the candy!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt:

Break up into teams or play together exploring the neighborhood to find all of the halloween decorations listed on the checklist. Print as many Scavenger Hunt checklists as you need.
Want to make it a bit more competitive? Add a timer and have each team take pictures of the items on the list! The team that finds the most items within the time limit wins!

Get the Printables:

The guessing game was always a favorite of mine but I am awful at it! Halloween is the absolutely best holiday so I am so sad kids possibly won’t be able to trick or treat this year.  I hope these Printables can make your holiday a bit better this halloween season!

Just click the orange button below to download your free Halloween Guessing Game and the black button for the free Halloween Scavenger Hunt Game.