Recently I received a coffee scrub in a subscription box service I use and became a huge fan. Aside from the obvious exfoliation benefits, coffee scrubs have claimed to tout many other health benefits. These include cellulite reduction, improving your skins overall look and feel and improvement in blood circulation. Overall, I just loved the way my skin felt after using it. I wanted to continue using it after running out so I decided to make a DIY Pumpkin Spice Coffee Scrub for myself and to give as a gift this fall season.

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After researching oils and exfoliating agents I decided on the following.


I see a ton of people using coconut oil in their coffee scrubs but coconut oil has a higher (4) comedogenic rating than other options so I decided on a jojoba oil which has a much lower score (2) and therefor less likely to clog pores.

I also added a Vitamin E & A oil for the anti-aging benefits and protection against UV damage.

These oils together made the scrub moisturizing without the greasy feeling.


There are a ton of exfoliating items you can use in your scrubs but I decided on a simple Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Starbucks, Salt and Brown Sugar. The Brown Sugar is such a complimentary scent to the Pumpkin Spice!


After incorporating all the ingredients, keep your scrub in a sealable container and use 2-3 times per week. I divided this recipe in half and gave one half as a gift.

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