Everyone who has seen Harry Potter remembers the iconic Great Hall Floating Candles. Recreate the look at home with this DIY project!

I recently made a wall of paper bats for my living room wall but still felt like it was missing something. There are so many DIY floating candle projects on Pinterest but I couldn’t find anything that would work with my high ceilings so that I could turn them on and off nightly. So I did some research and found these awesome remote control wax candles and they turned out perfectly!

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The candles I found give my living room a real spooky feel and truly elevate my halloween decor.

Best Candles for this Project:

The DRomance Flameless Flickering Candles I found are amazing for this project! There is no battery pack showing on the bottom, they are controlled with a remote, have an optional timer and look and feel like real wax candles.

I am so in love with these candles that I’ll be ordering a second set to be hung in my bedroom as well!

These candles also have a light mode or candle mode where the light flickers like a real candle!

How I made the Candles “Float”:

To give the candles a floating effect, I used invisible string. The candle really is soft as wax, so I made a small hole on each side, threaded some invisible string and made a loop so the candle would hand straight.

On the other end, I tied the string to a small nail and nailed them to the ceiling. The same process was completed for the hanging witch hats.

Hang your Candles and Hats:

Stagger your candles with your witch hats at varying heights and depths for a breathtaking look. These DIY Harry Potter Floating Candles are the perfect touch to your halloween decor.

Lay back, turn on your favorite spooky movie and enjoy!

Supplies Used:

Decorate your Interior with this DIY Harry Potter Floating Candles and decorate your window with this Oogie Boogie Man Silhouette DIY. The paper bats shown in these photos can be made with this Halloween Bat Wall DIY.