Give your kitchen a makeover with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware for a fresh look.

The house I recently bought was updated in so many ways for a quick sale but still needed a lot of TLC. The exterior had recently been painted, new carpet had been put in and all of the interior doors were painted.

It was a bright white little house but the one area I had to change immediately was the kitchen! The previous owners tried their best to update it by painting over the 80’s dark brown wood with a new coat of white paint but, unfortunately, the execution was done incorrectly.

The type of paint you use is vital when repainting your cabinets and the one that they had used left the paint sticky, not easy to clean and vulnerable to marks and scratches.

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I in no way claim to be an expert on the subject, however, after doing my own research I will share with you what I did to update my Kitchen.

Supplies I Used:

  • An Alkyd Enamel Paint (I used Behrs Urethane Alkyd Satin Enamel in Nocturne Blue)
  • Sander and Sanding Blocks
  • TSP Cleaner
  • Paint Sprayer (Can use a foam roller as well)
  • Paint Risers
  • Cordless Drill – Easily the best portable drill I have ever had!
  • Hardware
  • Metallic Spray Paint
  • Dish Soap
  • Paint Brush

Clean & Setup:

Take your time cleaning and setting up your painting area! This step is vital to creating a smooth flawless finish. By taking the extra time to ensure every piece is clean, you will end up with a much better product in the end.

Start by removing all hardware and doors from cabinets (this includes the drawer fronts as well). Number them as you go so as to remember where they go. Cover any appliances and tape off where you are going to paint the cabinets. We covered our garage floor to setup a space to paint the cabinet doors.

If you are cleaning and painting your current hardware, soak them in a bowl of water with dish soap, scrub clean and let them dry fully. I had a separate space setup just for spray painting the hinges once they were dry.


I was really lucky in that the paint the previous owner used acted as my primer so all I had to do was clean and sand it to ensure the surface was smooth and clean of any debris. While researching the best way to paint the cabinets I came across professionals who used a paint sprayer and others who recommended a foam roller. I tried a foam roller at first but ultimately ended up using a paint sprayer from Amazon that worked like a charm!

The paint I used is an Alkyd Enamel which is a Self-Leveling paint that dries hard. It gives your project a smooth hard finish that is easy to wipe clean when needed. This makes it the perfect paint for cabinets.

I began by wiping down my cabinets with some water and TSP cleaner (recommended for cabinet degreasing).

The cabinet edges were painted using a foam roller and brush while the cabinet doors were laid out on risers and painted with a Paint Sprayer.

Next I sanded the cabinets with a sanding block and used an Electric Sander for the doors. This made the work go a lot faster. After sanding, clean up again to get rid of any remaining dust and dirt and you are ready to prime. A tack cloth is recommended for sanding cleanup.

My doors had a base that acted as the perfect primer so you may need to prime your doors depending on their current state. With my cabinets on risers, I went straight into my first coat of Alkyd Enamel Paint.

Once completely dry, you can flip over to complete the other side. Apply a second coat if needed. The best thing about this paint is it doesn’t need a top coat and it is so durable.


If you are going to reuse your hinge hardware you can clean it up like I did in a soap mixture and spray paint them to match the handles you will be using. Mine were a silver finish and after cleaning them, they were good as new. I used a metallic bronze spray that blends perfectly with my new handles.

The major item I splurged on were the drawer pulls for these cabinets. I fell in love with the modern champagne bronze pulls I found at the Home Depot and since my kitchen is fairly small, I was able to get all the drawer pulls I needed for a little over $140.

After the fact, I ended up finding similar handles for so much cheaper! I will include a link to the drawer pulls I used as well as the more affordable option I found below.


Time to put the Kitchen back together! Patience is a virtue and I have none of it! I couldn’t wait to put my kitchen back together and boy was it an accomplishment to be proud of. I love my new kitchen and have not stopped getting compliments on the beautiful blue color that was chosen.

For anyone that says this is a simple or quick project, it is not. This project took a very long time. Between making sure the cabinets were clean and deciding how best to paint them, along with drying time…it was quite the endeavor. In the end, my kitchen is my absolute favorite room in my house and I think it came out beautifully.


I have been very interested in the more natural decor approach lately so here are the items I found for my kitchen.

Matching S&P Grinders
Marble Canister

Tips and Tricks:

  • Dry Time – Keep in mind that the drying time varies with Alkyd Enamel paints. I first went by the drying times on the can but realized shortly after that wasn’t enough time. I was painting them in the colder months and this significantly increases the needed drying time. Take your time and let them dry sufficiently before hanging your doors back up.
  • Paint Sprayer – Paint Sprayers can be tricky. If it is not spraying the way you need it could be that you are not holding it correctly or the spray nozzle is clogged. After each fill up I had to clean the tank and nozzle. There is a lot of gunk in paint that easily builds up! Keep a clean paint sprayer and your paint will apply perfectly.
  • Number your Doors/Drawers – When you first disassemble your cabinets, number your doors and drawer fronts for a quick and easy reassembly.
  • Keep your Hinges – Hardware is pricey! Keep your hinges and spray paint them to match your new drawer pulls.

Supplies I Used:

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